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Mainstay is a water dispersible, nonionic spreader-sticker adjuvant that is formulated to improve the efficiency of a variety of pesticides by increasing droplet spreading and adhesion onto leaf surfaces.


Mainstay enhances efficacy of herbicide, insecticide and fungicide spray applications.


Mainstay works by reducing water surface tension to increase coverage while forming a protective film to adhere active ingredients to the plant surface.


Mainstay improves spray droplet deposition and suppresses off-target drift by producing a more uniform droplet spray pattern.


The sticking properties in Mainstay help to reduce tendency for wash-off of the spray deposit caused by light rainfall or irrigation.


Use Rates per 100 Gallons Spray Mix:

Wettable Powders: 1/2 to 3 pints

Defoliants, Desiccants, Herbicides: 1 to 4 pints

Fungicides, Acaricides, Insecticides: 1/4 to 2 pints

Field Crop Applications: 1/4 to 2 pints (to minimize off-target spray drift)

Drift Suppression: 2 pints (to minimize off-target spray drift)

In Concentrated or Diluted Spray applications: Allow enough Mainstay to allow for uniform wetting and deposition onto leaf surfaces without unnecessary run-off.


Refer to specimen label and safety data sheet for more information about this product.


4 x 1 Gallon Jugs

2 x 2.5 Gallon Jugs

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Demo - Spray Droplet Surface Tension

Demo - Testing For Surfactant Efficacy

Demo - Macro And Micro Emulsions

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