NOVO Seed Care Prescription Management System



Scaled Measuring Tank
Four or Eight Direct Product Ports + Water Connection
Automated Touch Screen Control Panel
Transfer Line to Slurry Tank
Product Pumps Power to Control Ports (110 v)


General Information

The NOVO system helps the Seed Care Operator do a better job of treating seed.
The NOVO seed care prescription management system precisely measures and mixes seed treatment slurry based on locally developed prescriptions.
The prescriptions are entered into the SIRA database system that is included with the NOVO purchase.
The slurry is mixed in a closed automated system which reduces worker exposure.
The slurry is transferred to the slurry application tank on the treater. (The NOVO is compatible with all makes, models and brands of slurry based seed treating systems.)
Prescriptions can be saved in the system for future reference, and a report for each batch automatically prints.


Use Rates

Rates can be adjusted to obtain the desired coverage and performance based upon the seed size, seed coat, total slurry mix volume, and seed treatment application equipment.

NOVO Sales Agents

AgTeam Professionals, Garden City, MO • John Ortiz • • 816-773-6018
Aspect Ag, Marshall, MN • Scott Bly • • 507-401-3700
Farmchem, Floyd, IA • Brian Pieper • • 641-398-2893
Growmark, Inc., Bloomington, IL • Randall Holthaus • • 309-557-6331
West Coast Seed Mill Supply Company, Salem, OR • Andrew Burleigh • • 503-581-7131


NOVO is a registered trademark of Agrilead, Inc. and is Distributed by KALO, Inc.

Package Sizes

4-Port (AE-CSA104)
8-Port (AE-CSA108)

NOVO image
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