Avant Xtra

• Deposition/Drift Reduction Agent

• Nonionic Surfactant

• Penetrant

Avant Xtra is a tank mix adjuvant formulated to provide optimal pesticide spray performance by enhancing deposition of the spray application.


Avant Xtra contains Quantum Technology, an innovative adjuvant technology that has an affinity for pesticide active ingredients.


Avant Xtra suppresses off-target drift of spray applications by providing a more uniform pattern and velocity of the spray droplets.


Avant Xtra can be used with air assist and conventional spray nozzles.


Avant Xtra can be used with herbicides, including desiccants, insecticides, fungicides and plant-growth regulators, in keeping with pesticide label recommendations.


Avant Xtra maximizes pesticide performance by improving spray coverage and through enhanced retention and infiltration of the targeted leaf surface.


Many factors affect off-target drift such as spray boom height, nozzle configuration, spray pressure, temperature, wind and thermal inversion.


Avant Xtra will not eliminate all drift.

Use Rates for Ground and Aerial

Tank Mixing and Direct Injection Rates for Herbicides, Fungicides and Insecticides: Add 1 to 2 quarts (0.25% - 0.5% v/v) per 100 gallons.


Refer to specimen label and safety data sheet for more information about this product.


4 x 1 Gallon Jugs
2 x 2.5 Gallon Jugs
30 Gallon Drum 
55 Gallon Drum 

Avant Xtra image

Avant Xtra Tutorial

QUANTUM Tutorial

Aerial Application With Avant Xtra

Demo - Spray Droplet Surface Tension

Demo - Suppressing Off Target Spray Drift

Demo - Testing For Surfactant Efficacy

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