H2O Maximizer Pellets

• Soil Surfactant

• Poly Resin Blend


H20 Maximizer Pellets contain H20 Maximizer liquid formula packaged in a convenient system for supplemental treatment of highly maintained turf areas. 


H20 Maximizer has the ability to hold more plant available water due to the polymer resins in the formula. 


This makes H20 Maximizer extremely effective for newly seeded and sodded areas, bunker faces or anywhere a turfgrass manager wishes to give the soil more plant available water holding capacity. 


H20 Maximizer Pellet will effectively treat localized dry spot in a wide range of soil types and turfgrass varieties. 


Use H20 Maximizer Pellet as a part of a comprehensive water management program for curative treatment of localized dry spot. 


H20 Maximizer Pellet is formulated for use on golf courses, athletic fields, commercial, and residential turf.



Directions for Use

For Hose-End Applicator: Using available commercial in-line hose applicators, remove the plastic lid, insert the H20 Maximizer Pellet and the plastic jar into the reservoir of the hose-end applicator with the opening of the jar containing the pellet facing toward the flow of water. Secure the reservoir to the applicator and begin application. Inserting the jar with the pellet facing away from the water flow will slow the rate of erosion of the pellet thereby reducing the amount of wetting agent dispersed over time. This is an acceptable option for minimizing wetting agent use.


For Golf Course Greens, Tees and Other Highly Maintained Turf Areas: Place one pellet into an applicator. Apply 2 to 4 minutes per 1,000 sq. feet  (100 sq. meters) of turfgrass. The rate at which a pellet dissolves varies with water pressure, flow rate and temperature. 


Refer to specimen label and safety data sheet for more information about this product.


30 x 4 Ounce Pellets per Case

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